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The challenging senses of the human body


ISSUE 1 Nov. 2012 -

We think nothing is more definite than what our senses perceive, but the truth is far removed from this. What we can sense is not exactly what exists in the physical world. The main thing about our senses is that they help us to understand the physical world surrounding us, but do they tell us the full story? We use our five vital senses to discover the world from our very first breath. Step by step the anatomy and physiology of our sensing organs develop with us. We could smell like a dog, see like an eagle or even hear like a bat but we donít. Why? Hearing Sense We hear hundreds of different sounds on a daily basis, all of which express real events happening around us, from a babyís cry to a falling spoon hitting the floor or even the blaring of a car horn being activated.
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