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27 May 2020 

The Magic of Storytelling.


ISSUE 1 Nov. 2012 - When I was only five or six, some nights when my parents would go out, they would leave me with our next door neighbour, an old lady in her 70’s. In those days we did not have access to so many means of entertainment such as the internet and videogames so I was content to be looked after and entertained by a pleasant old lady who filled fill my evenings with the magic of her delightful stories. Thirty odd years later, translating folklore stories from around the globe for children, I still reminisce about how much I enjoyed those nights and how effortlessly the old lady’s stories together with her seemingly cinematic motions transported my imagination into a fantasy world I would never forget. As Hafiz, the famous Persian poet says; For an enjoyable life even Noah’s life is short, For a life not enjoyed, even a breath is too long. Children literature is artistic and reflects religious and social knowledge. Children’s stories stimulate in their minds the love of art and science. They also project our Islamic values to the world and in doing so attract people to the richness of Islamic civilisation. Unfortunately in many Muslim countries this important cultural expression is not afforded the value it merits. There are many writing courses in universities but none of them address writing for children. In contrast, in western universities children’s literature is considered an important and necessary step in a child’s development. After all if the most interesting and fascinating subjects for children are not presented in an entertaining and enjoyable way subject matter will fail to create the initial spark of creativity in children’s minds. Children’s literature needs an independent body of expert writers and authors working solely in this area. Our intellectuals should begin to raise the status of this form of literature to the level it deserves. Children’s stories are often derived from life experiences and this simple world of storytelling can help children to begin to know, love and be kind to themselves and others. It can show children the possibility of formulating different solutions to their problems. Childhood events are important lessons for later life, especially if parents are on hand to present correct and adequate responses. In islam today we will provide a number of stories that parents can read to their children. All the stories will have an educational value encompassing a lesson of ethics designed to develop a sense of justice and fair play within children • ... read more