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18 April 2019 

‘The Walnut Pastry’


ISSUE 1 Nov. 2012 - Once upon a time, there was a small hut in the middle of a vast valley. In it lived a farmer, his wife, their two sons, daughter, and outside, a couple of chickens and a chubby cow. The eldest boy and his sister took turns in taking the cow to a pasture to graze. The smallest boy, Yunes, would have liked to do the same, but he was small and his parents did not allow him. He was repeatedly told that when he could carry the bucket of water like his sister or when his height reached that of the fence like his brother he could take the cow to the pasture. His mother never tired of telling him that “that time would come soon”. The promised day came much earlier than he thought. One day the father said: “today Yunes will take the cow to pasture”. Yunes rushed to the stable, led out the cow and followed her. The pasture contained several green hills. Normally his eldest brother and sister would go up to the third hill, but Yunes passed the third hill and went to the fourth one where there was fresher and fuller greenery. On top of the hill he sat down to have a rest. He closed his eyes and pictured his family praising him for his courage but he soon fell asleep. When he woke up the cow had disappeared. He jumped to his feet and shouted: “Oh, where is my cow?” He suddenly heard a mooing sound coming from the fifth hill. A boy was sitting near the cow with his arms around the cow’s neck. He looked at Yunes from afar. A rather worried Yunes shouted: “Hey boy. That cow is mine”. He ran towards the fifth hill. But before he could say anything else the other boy said: “Would you swap your cow with my walnut pastry.” Yunes said: “No”. The boy replied: “This is a delicious pastry, it is full of walnuts.” Yunes took the pastry and ate a small piece; it really was delicious. He cut another piece and ate that too, then another and another. He was about to eat the last piece when the boy told him: “Now that you have eaten all my walnut pastry, your cow becomes mine.” The boy took the collar of the cow and started walking away. Yunes was shocked: “Wait!” he shouted. “But we only have one cow.” The boy replied: “and I had only one pastry.” And off he went .....

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