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A Balanced Living Faith


ISSUE 1 Nov. 2012 -

The most significant change taking place in our contemporary world is in the sphere of religion. In general, humanity is going through a period in which the role of religion is on the increase. Obviously, taking into account the fundamental character of religion as an entire philosophy of life, we cannot com- pare it to any other phenomenon. Religion conveys changes in all aspects of one`s life; moral, spiritual, political, economic, educational, interpersonal relations and in so many others that in short, religion brings about radical changes in the lives of those who wish to live by it. Among the major religions of the world, Islam has always been known for the comprehensive character of its teachings. Its history offers glorious examples of human models of liberation and revolutionary change. Highest among these models stands the figure of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) . We must, therefore, not be surprised if today we see Islam, in spite of all opposition, emerging on the world stage to usher in a new era for humanity. The aim of Islam is to transform societies, but this can only happen if the transformation first happens on a personal level. The biggest inadequacy of modern materialistic culture is its blindness to the true meaning of the human being; its incapacity to comprehend and achieve the highest aspiration which is the elevation of the human soul. The revolutionary role of Islam in the contemporary world must be under- stood in the light of its profound capacity to help the human being to become what he can and should become. The Holy Qur’an, the life and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad [S] , his Sunna, and the example of the pure individuals within his family, the life and the precious work of thousands of pious Muslim scholars, mystics, jurists, and philosophers have highlighted the interest that Islam has in helping the human being “to become what he can and must become”....

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By Amir De Martino

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