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The invisible danger of mobile phones


ISSUE 2 -DEC 2012

With 75% of the world population using mobile phones today, claims that they can cause cancer or infertility in men ought to give cause for concern. In 2000 there were almost one billion active mobile phones in the world; today this figure has reached more than 6 billion. Mobile phones release radiofrequency energy (radio waves) which can be absorbed by the nearest tissue where the phone is held. Radiofrequency energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation which is categorised into ionised and non-ionised. The ionised one has a higher frequency and is the form of radiation found in X-ray, gamma rays or cosmic rays. Its maleffects on cellular levels leading to cancer are well established. The non-ionised radiofrequency energies which have lower frequencies contain heat waves from the sun, radio waves and microwaves. The only effect known for radiofrequency energy is heating as is evident in micro- waves. The radiofrequency emitted by cell phones however is not sufficient to elevate the body temperature. On August 7th 1996 the Federal Communications Commission of USA issued guidelines on cell phone radiation (RF) exposure which is called SAR (specific absorption rate). The maximum SAR for cell phones is set at 1.6 watts of energy absorbed per ................
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