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26 September 2020 

Energy Drinks


Issue 5 - Mar 2013

The safety of energy drinks has come under scrutiny after recent reports in USA showed a near twofold increase in A&E visits linked to these beverages. Eighteen related deaths suggest that the complications caused by these drinks are increasing day by day. A report by the American Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) showed that more than a tenfold increase in the number of emergency visits tied to the use of energy drinks between 2005 and 2009 and an increase of 10,000 cases between 2007 and 2011 is also related to consumption of these popular beverages. The manufacturers of these drinks have denied these statistics based on lack of information and medical histories of the reported cases. The report, based on information collected from the patients attending A&E, showed they all drank energy drink prior to their illnesses and in 44% of cases consumed the energy drinks in combination with alcohol or other drugs. A recent research based on information gathered from calls received by the Australian Poisons Centre over a period of seven years, lists the most common side effects of energy drink beverages as tachycardia, tremor, agitation, gastrointestinal upset, chest pain, dizziness, syncope, insomnia, respiratory distress and headache. These side effects are caused by the common ingredients used in energy drinks. Most of the energy drinks that are supposed to make us more alert and energetic contain ingredients such as caffeine, sugar, taurine, vitamins and herbs. The main ingredient is caffeine and it may be disguised in the form of guarana, green tea extract or coffee extract but nevertheless no energy drink is devoid of Laleh Lohrasbi
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